Curation activity. Our online professional identities are the sum of the media that we engage with. The things that you re-blog, ‘like’, re-post, and share, tell your audience about your creative interests and also predetermine the kinds of media that you are likely to create and contribute to

As a musician, most of my influences are to do with music, a fair variety that has grown throughout recent years. I’ve taken a lot of these influences from father who shared a lot of his musical influences with me, he is also a musician. He introduced me to a great many artists and people, that I am still incredibly fond of to this day. All of which have shaped me creatively.

Below is link to a page of Artists, Bands and Live Shows that would currently consider to be my utmost favourites.


The kinds of media I hope to contribute to someday would be without doubt, music, and by extension the recording, producing or live aspects of that medium. The Playlists in the link above are comprised according to the main types of music im interested in.

1. Progressive Metal – The intense technical and rhythmic complexity of the music amazes and intrigues me, also the sheer talent that these musicians have. Not to mention how so much of this kind of music is create with the simplest of recording setups, sometimes even in people’s living rooms. The vast use of polyrhythmic patterns keeps me so heavily engaged in the music, usually trying to figure out the patterns of the song. The combination of intricate chord voicings teamed with high gain effects is something else that fascinates me deeply, so much of this music has very specific tonal characteristics

2. Melodic Hardcore – I love the power of the vocals, kind of how it’s usually the fine line between yelling and screamo. I find it really easy to connect with this kind of singing. The guitars play more melody orientated riffs, general characteristics being minor 7th and minor 9th chords; which give a unique sound. Also the Drop D and C tunings give it a much heavier and distorted tone; a trait I enjoy a lot. Another cool characteristic is the melodic overtones played over the heavy rhythms and more commonly amongst heaps of feedback from the guitars.

3. Rock, Punk, Blues, Alternative (Basically the “Other” category) – Most of this category consists of songs that I grew up loving, or have characteristics that have stood out to me. Whether its an individual instrument or rhythm, or how everything works together in the mix, or just a song that i found really well written.

4. Best Live Shows – A few live gigs that have drawn me in to live music


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