The Entrepeneur’s Playground

The focus of the previous weeks lecture was on our creative and professional identity in the industry and what we plan to achieve with it, and what most in the media plan to achieve is this status of ‘entrepreneurship’, which in its essence is a hardworking, innovative, risk taking individual that seizes business opportunities left, right and centre. A start-up business or even multiple may even be on the agenda but not necessarily. This is definitely a growing objective of those working various forms of new media. As student of creative media, what I find quite an intimidating prospect, is how challenging new and innovative media is to create.


However, I suppose if it were easy, than anyone could and would do it.

The harsh reality of trying to achieve this entrepreneur status, is that sometimes taking risks, and being innovative and passionate about your work and idea’s will not always yield a reward. Meaning, entrepreneurial success is not something everyone is able to achieve in their lives. This is where the idea of ‘Intrapreneurship’ (a new term from our lecture), seemed like a more plausible route to follow, in the way that someone could take their passion and innovation to other companies/ organisations and use it as an asset.

As it turns out both Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs are a great asset to the economy and very rewarding positions.

They create new business through goods and services…

Entrepreneurial ventures often create a lot of income…

Their desire to innovative and divert from standards and tradition can have a large impact on social change…

To the farthest extent they can improve standard of living! For example…


I think what makes the concept of entrepreneurialism so attractive, is the freedom to follow your passion and creativity, and of course make a living from it. The greater free time and extra money is a major perk that would make life really flexible, comfortable and would have a relaxed but positive effect on the flow of creative work.


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