Hi! I’m Lucas Willmer, an Audio engineer and student in Brisbane with roughly 2 years of experience in the sound industry. I have been involved in film audio and music productions before, and am willing to explore new avenues and opportunities that will allow me to gain experience and further contribute to the media industry.

My main interests are in Music, Film and Gaming with special regard for Audio Engineering factor of these. My long-term ambitions in terms of careers, is to work with industry standard equipment and fellow professional engineers/designers/film & games producers and other creative individuals in the media industry. My Short-term ambition is to do as much freelance work and other various projects as possible to gain a wide variety of experience and knowledge. Im currently continuing my tertiary study at SAE Qantm in Brisbane, Australia, in the Bachelor of Audio Degree. I hope to apply the skills, theory and experience achieved to as many various projects and opportunities as possible.

I strive for a dedicated, productive, cooperative, and sociable work ethic. From my experience I believe that clients or employers are far more likely to offer work to obliging and “easy to get along with” people that have a good sense of character and are passionate about their art.

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My Work:

Item 1: Warm Days (dry mix) – Yaurout

Band Recording Project –

Written by Yaurout band members, James Spencer, Billy McCulloch and Daniel Farley.

Recorded at SAE Brisbane by John Blinco, Lloyd Edgar, Rafael Pereira, Nick Swansborough and Lucas Willmer (myself).

My role in this project was as the Live Room engineer, In this position I was responsible for the major components of recording equipment, such as microphones, as well as their placement, functionality and arrangement. And of course tending to the needs of the talent. Editing and Mixing was a role each member of the project group did individually after recording.

Mixed and edited by myself, at my home studio.


Item 2: Blues Video Track

Video Backing Track Project –

Written and Played by Dominic Dougherty

Recorded/Played/Programmed/Edited/Mixed by Lucas Willmer (myself), at my home studio

This project started when a good friend asked me to do a video backing track project, the recording was for a tutorial video assembled by a client that required audio. We completed the project within 48 hours of beginning. Despite this tight schedule, the client was very happy with the track.


Item 3: Endless (demo)

Solo musical Project

Written/Played/Recorded/Edited/Mixed by Lucas Willmer (myself), at my home studio.

This is something I created in my spare time; I plan to expand on it further throughout more solo project time.




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